Is corespeechd burning your CPU? Read this.

A couple of days ago I found my MBP was running fan all the time. Usually it is silent, but not any more. A quick check on Activity Monitor showed, it is a process called corespeechd — consuming something like 60% of the CPU.

After a bit of research on Google, StackOverflow, Reddit & all other forums, below steps solved the problem.

By the way, read more only if you are not using Siri on your Mac.


  1. Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP)
  2. Restart
  3. Mount / folder on read-write
# this is reset after next restart
sudo mount -uw /
# Restart finder
sudo killall Finder

4. Rename corespeechd plist

cd /System/Library/LaunchAgents/sudo mv

5. Enable System Integrity Protection

6. Restart for a silent mac!


  1. (Refer answer from blurryboots)