What are user sessions and why we need to avoid them?

What are user Sessions in a Software Application? Do we need them? If not how to achieve sessions in Stateless application?

User Sessions

The backend application servers Tomcat, Jetty, ASP.NET, Django etc., have a concept of “Session” or “State Management”.


Is corespeechd burning your CPU? Read this.

A couple of days ago I found my MBP was running fan all the time. Usually it is silent, but not any more. A quick check on Activity Monitor showed, it is a process called corespeechd — consuming something like 60% of the CPU.

After a bit of research on Google, StackOverflow, Reddit & all other forums, below steps solved the problem.

By the way, read more only if you are not using Siri on your Mac.


  1. Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP)
  2. Restart
  3. Mount / folder on read-write
# this is reset after next restart
sudo mount -uw /
# Restart finder
sudo killall Finder

4. Rename corespeechd plist

cd /System/Library/LaunchAgents/sudo mv com.apple.corespeechd.plist com.apple.corespeechd.plist.bak

5. Enable System Integrity Protection

6. Restart for a silent mac!


  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/mac/comments/fn600t/corespeechd_is_destroying_my_network/ (Refer answer from blurryboots)

Merry Christmas!

We all get default advice from our mentors/teachers that follow your heart/passion. But then we get derailed by our connection with technology. Oh, I like backend/frontend OR I like Java/C++/Ruby/Python or React/Javascript.

We rarely give some thinking about the business domain we like. For eg. I am working…

Find my device!

Today, my wife lost her phone when we stepped out for a walk. When we noticed she lost it, we were already well into 2 hours since we walked. Thanks to “Find My Phone” feature from Apple & a good samaritan, we found it 2 streets away from home. They had placed it on a wall. Playing sound feature helped us to locate it. 5 minutes of panic time until we located & felt so good after we found it.

Thanks to Apple! A fantastic product experience & we used every bit of it!

The other day, I bumped into this article The infinite hows by John Allspaw (CTO of etsy). It is about postmortem or Root Cause Analysis (RCA) when an operational incident occurs in a software application. Though, it is an old article I felt the thought process is still valid for current times.

We do RCA in my current company and we ask the question of “Five Whys” to arrive at the root cause. Sometimes it goes beyond 5 Whys to 7 or 10 whys.

Sometimes asking “Why?” ends up in wrong results — For eg. pointing fingers at another team or person. Instead, we need to ask “How?” to tackle the engineering root cause. Anything to address the problem with a good intention works.

Great talk by Robert Kennedy on reviving healthcare.gov

Robert covers how he volunteered to work for healthcare.gov (unpaid break from Google) and the conditions the website was in when he got in.

Here are best sessions as I saw in Amazon AWS re:Invent 2014, Las Vegas


Andy announced new services such as Amazon RDS for Aurora, AWS Service Catalog, AWS Key Management Service, AWS Config, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeCommit & AWS CodePipeline. In this session Intuit got special mention & Tayloe…

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